I’m a huge fan of food. Actually it’s great food that I love. For me, traveling to great places and eating incredible foods are my two favorite things to do and often times they go hand in hand. Many of the recipes I make are inspired in one way or another by food I’ve tried at restaurants where I’ve had great experiences. My spin on the recipes that I make is that I will always try to find a healthier way to make food. Whether it’s using less oils or baking instead of deep frying, my goal is to make delicious food without sacrificing taste. While I do try to eat healthy, I’m not a health nut by any means. At times there are recipes in here that aren’t totally healthy, but if it’s something that I think that is too good not to try, I’ll throw it in here.

It’s important to keep in mind that recipes are not something written in stone, meaning feel free to change things up. If you don’t like shrimp and a recipe calls for shrimp, use chicken or veggies. If you don’t like spicy food and a recipe calls for jalapeno, skip it. Recipes for me are always just a starting point or suggested ingredients. Always taste your food as you are preparing it to make sure it has the right flavors and enough seasoning. Serving food to whoever you are preparing it for without tasting it during the process is a crime in many countries so taste along the way!

One other important point I want to make is the importance of cooking with quality ingredients. This is a HUGE part of preparing great tasting food. For example, if you are making sushi or sashimi, it’s important to use sashimi grade fish if you want the freshest flavors and to avoid the “fishy” taste and smell of regular store bought fish. If you are making a strawberry goat cheese salad, using fresh spring mix and perfectly ripened and sweet strawberries will be the difference between one that is decent and one that will be permanently implanted in your mind because it tastes so delicious. So if you want great tasting food, it all starts with great tasting ingredients.

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