Ok, so maybe healthy is not the right word for this burger. But I did use a whole wheat bun! Boom…..healthy. Joking of course but I do make this burger healthier then normal. For starters, I use a smaller bun. I can’t stand when a bun is so large that it takes up most of the flavor in each bite. Use smaller buns which are also lower in carbs and calories. For the ground beef, I never use pre-made frozen patties. They never taste as good as using fresh ground beef. I usually use 85% lean ground beef and just make sure I “drain” it as much as I can so I can get rid of as much fat as possible. You don’t want to overdo this though as you don’t want to lose all the flavor of the meat. Make sure you season the ground beef with enough seasonings, nobody likes to eat a burger that has no seasonings. So for the bacon, if I’m try to go for a healthier version of this burger, I always keep a pack of pre-made bacon on hand as there are usually only around 35-40 calories per slice since they are so thin. If I’m going for maximum taste, I use a nice applewood smoked bacon with thick slices. Toss on some blue cheese crumbles, tomato, lettuce, light mayo and some barbeque sauce low in sugar and you have yourself a mouthwatering burger that is delicious.