Anyone a fan of making dishes that taste great and don’t take a long time to prepare? I know I am. This is one of those dishes that you can make in less than 10 minutes from start to finish. If you order scallops from a great restaurant you’ll usually notice that there’s a nice brown crunchy crust on the outside. That’s what we are going for here. There’s a few keys to cooking a really great scallop though:

1. You want to make sure your scallop is as dry as possible when you throw it in the pan.Unfortunately most grocery store scallops are pumped full of phosphates (preservatives) which means they will absorb more water and when you cook them you end up with a watery pan. This means you won’t get the exterior crust you want. If possible you want to buy “dry scallops” or “day boat scallops” which means they aren’t soaked in preservatives like most scallops are. If you don’t have or can’t find dry scallops then you need to use paper towels to try and remove as much liquid as possible before putting it into the pan. I’ve cooked with scallops that release a ton of liquid while cooking and I’ve even used paper towels to dry the liquid in the pan because so much liquid was released but you won’t get the nice sear you really want.

2. Make sure your pan is very hot to where it’s almost smoking. I cook a lot with olive oil but this is not one of those times. Olive oil does not handle the high heat so you want to use an oil that has a higher smoke point like canola oil. I typically use a saute pan here but you can cook it in any pan you have.

3. Let the scallops sit undisturbed.  A lot of people try to over flip everything, from steaks, burgers, and yes scallops. You need to just let the pan do it’s work and leave the scallops alone or you won’t get that nice brown crunchy crust.

Spicy Scallops Recipescallops-150x150

  • YIELD: 4 Servings
  • PREP: 5 mins
  • COOK: 5 mins
  • READY IN: 10 mins



  1. Add oil and heat your pan on medium-high heat.
  2. Lay the scallops in and let them sit for 1 minute without flipping them.
  3. After you have seared the scallops, flip the scallops over and add 1/4 stick of butter and spoon the butter over the top of the scallops (baste them). Squeeze lemon juice over the top and cook for another minute or two. Then remove from the pan.
  4. Add 1 tbps of butter to the pan on medium high heat and and add the Frank’s hot sauce and white wine. Whisk it all together until the sauce thickens a bit.
  5. Add sauce on a plate and top with the scallops and time to devour


  • CUISINE: Seafood
  • COURSE: Appetizer
  • SKILL LEVEL: Moderate